Podcast Acoustics

Dye-Sublimation print on acoustic pin board

Podcasts Acoustics 101

Increase the dwell time on your podcast

Not all of us can afford a professional studio for recording our podcasts!

One of the simplest solutions for recording your podcast is in your walk-in closet, all the clothes and materials will dampen down the unpleasant and annoying sound effects of echo in your recordings. But it’s probably not the solution for the long term.

You’ve probably spent time researching your subject matter, spent good money on a microphone, but you find your recordings contain echo and pings!

There is no one sizes that fits all when it comes to room acoustics. You need to understand the room dynamics before to can analyse and address the issues you’re recording space needs. Improving the acoustic of your room will help reduce noise and echo in your podcast or video podcast.

Here are a few key basic terms to help manage and understand room acoustic.

Basic Acoustic properties.

  • You need to understand ‘Reflection’ Sound bouncing off hard surfaces
  • You need to consider “Absorption” and example of using “Acoustic panels” 
  • Diffusion, an example of bookshelves breaking up the sound
  • And finally – Diffraction is sound that escapes or is filtered out with physical barrier such as high frequencies leaving lingering lower bass frequencies.

Written by Andrew Massie


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