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Office Noise

reduce office noise

Office noise, a major productivity killer!

Decorative panels in home office

In the workplace, we regularly roll out new technologies to help people do their jobs more efficiently, but are we often ignoring the fact that a noisy workplace affects productivity? Not only does a noisy office affect productivity, but it also impacts the overall employee workplace experience.

While companies increasingly opt for open plan work stations it’s important to deal with unwanted distracting noise. Introducing noise-reducing wall and ceiling panels is a clever way of managing this growing problem.

Our focus has been to develop creative and aesthetically pleasing acoustic solutions for office interiors using woven polyester acoustic panels. These acoustic panels are 100% polyester and offer high-quality acoustic performance and excellent fire resistance properties. Installing sound absorbing wall panels offers a unique design aesthetic enhancing the colour and vibrancy of the workplace while helping reduce noise levels and controlling sound reverberation.

If you’re interested in adding some decorative acoustic panels to your space contact us for some help.



Written by Andrew Massie


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