Acoustic wall panels

Custom cut acoustic panels improving problems rooms acoustics is often quite daunting for someone with little understanding of its cause. While there is extensive science to complex room acoustics there are some basic principles to help understand how sound, echo and reverberation works and why you may have a problem in your particular space.

Introducing custom cut acoustic panels will help transform your space into one which is more pleasant and productive. The benefits of improved room acoustics include better workplace productivity, increased ability for concentration, better communication and better morale in the workplace. There are also benefits to the audiovisual and video conferencing equipment functionality, which have now become so common in our workflow, whether in the office or in the home.

Office soundproofing and noise reduction

While glass is often the root cause of unpleasant echo and reverberation other hard surfaces like walls and hard floors cause significant noise flow. These surface are ideal surface on which to apply acoustic treatments such as wall panels and floor coverings. Applying sound-absorbing custom cut acoustic panels and carpets to these surface can effectively resolve noise problems in most spaces.

We supply and install custom cut acoustic panels

Our acoustic panels are made from woven polyester, polyester is polyethylene terephthalate or PET, the same material as plastic drink bottles, the most common type of single-use plastic bottles. This product has been assessed as an environmentally friendly product.

Today’s open-plan office environments can be distracting for people trying to focus on their work. Placement of acoustic panels and floor coverings can help control noise, echo, reverberation, rowdy phone calls and disruption in the workplace. They can also be used in the home in a similar fashion when creatively cut and coloured for your personal taste.

We cut acoustic panels to specification, suiting your size, shape, colour, contour, right angle internal corners and radiused corners. Cutting panels for all kinds of uses including commercial spaces, retail space, hospitality, health care facilities and even recording studios and home theatres.

We work with furniture and office fabricators to supply cut acoustic panels, fit panels for office cubicles that help reduce noise pollution and we install cut panels in your space.

Custom cut acoustic panels

V-cutting panel to conform

Desk panel radius cut

Dye-Sublimation acoustic print

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