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Custom cut acoustic panels

We cut woven polyester acoustic panels to suit your size and shapes, contoured, right angle internal corners and radiused corners. Cutting panels for all kinds of uses including commercial spaces, retail space, hospitality, health care facilities and even recording studios.

We cut panels to size, to fit office cubicles that help reduce noise population. We work with furniture and office fabricators to supply cut acoustic panels. Acoustic panels reduce echo and sound reverberation

Today’s open-plan office environments can be distracting for people trying to focus on their job. Acoustic screens can help control noise, echo, reverberation, rowdy phone calls and disruption in the workplace.  Reducing this white noise can dramatically improve the stress levels and the need for quiet and concentration, adding to acoustic comfort.


Custom cut acoustic panels

V-cutting panel to conform

Desk panel radius cut

Dye-Sublimation acoustic print


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