Acoustic Pinboards

An Acoustic pinboard or panel is designed for easy install, look great and enhance the environment. These panels help with echo and sound reverberation which helps with the acoustic comfort of an area. These panels are sometimes referred to as acoustic whiteboards.

For use in your office, foyer, reception areas, classrooms and waiting rooms these environmentally-friendly acoustic panels are easy to install and help reduce decibel levels, and of course they are designed for use as a pinboard!

Noise-reducing pinboards, acoustic pinboards solutions for schools, universities, theatres, offices, and even the home office. Create your own shapes and sizes, select your own colour. Created full-size walls from woven polyester acoustic panels. Acoustic tiles and panels are designed for an easy install, they look great and enhance the environment. These panels help with echo and reverberation and help with acoustic comfort.

Made from 100% Polyester. Acoustic panels are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic with no chemical binders and certified low VOC.

Highly durable providing long term stability.
All our acoustic panels hold a Group 1 fire rating.

An Acoustic panel is lightweight, easy to install and is suitable for new builds and retrofits. Choose from a wide range of colours. Panel density and thickness is something to consider for greater acoustic absorption.

1500x1000mm woven polyster
Acoustic pinboard

320mm Hexagon packs

320mm Hexagon comes in a 3 pack.
Add 2 other colours to create a larger layout.

Look at some possible configurations that can be made with the hexagon when placed together.

$99.00 per pack