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Our acoustic solutions

Our acoustic solutions address the issues vital for a comfortable work environment.

Common problems include; excessive noise, high-pitched sounds, echo, and poor speech privacy.

We offer partial acoustic treatments that are more effective than traditional soundproofing, additional panels can be added as required.

Rather than isolating sound completely, partial treatment focuses on reducing echoes and reverberations by treating two wall surfaces.

It allows for customisation for different areas, optimising acoustic conditions.

This flexibility is especially useful in open-plan offices.

Partial treatment is also cost-effective compared to complete soundproofing.

Our solutions, Tuffline® Acoustic Art, Acoustic Screens and Acoustic Pinboards combine aesthetics and functionality with custom-printed, high-resolution graphic panels that reduce echoes and create a productive atmosphere.

Versatile and easy to install, these panels enhance any space.

What we produce

Custom screens, zone dividers and sound-absorbing panels.

Our custom acoustic screens and dividers have interchangeable, washable, photographic quality, printed fabric graphics and there’s almost no limit to the size we can construct.

We create large artworks and designs using multi-coloured acoustic panels cut to shapes and fitted together. We print directly to acoustic panels using our dye sublimation process. This process has no effect on the sound absorption of the acoustic materials, a reduction in the efficacy of the acoustic properties is often caused by the use of a traditional screen or UV printing inks.

Is it environmentally sound?

Well, sort of, nearly all of the acoustic panels we work with are made from recycled polyester drink bottles.


Please call us, we look forward to improving the ambience in your space.


Acoustic tiles and panels are designed for an easy install, they look great and enhance the environment. These panels help with echo and reverberation and help with acoustic comfort.

Acoustic Art

Customise your walls with Tuffline® Acoustic Art. These panels are made from our aluminium Tuffline® fabric frames with an acoustic sound-absorbing infill panel inserted within the framework. Then we print your custom design or image to fabric using a dye-sublimation process.

Screens & Dividers

Distracting noise is now common is the open-plan workplace. Acoustic screens and dividers help reduce noise and distraction. It’s also a great opportunity to add a splash of colour or and vibrant graphic solution.

Printed Panels

Acoustic panels can now also be printed using a dye-sublimated process giving high-quality full colour graphic finishes. Mix this with profile cut shapes and designs for a unique workplace.

Reverberating noise

Acoustic panels help to control reverberating noise and can shape the ideal sound environment for your offices, schools, hospitality and theatres.

Using 12 mm panels you can generally achieve an NRC value of 0.70.  NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. That means 70% of the sound that contacts that material is absorbed and not reflected.


Colours and thickness

An Acoustic panel is lightweight, easy to install and is suitable for new builds and retrofits.

Choose from a wide range of colours. Panel density and thickness is something to consider for greater acoustic absorption.



Made from 100% Polyester. Acoustic panels are safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic with no chemical binders and certified low VOC.


Highly durable providing long term stability; all our acoustic panels hold a Group 1 fire Rating.

Colour Swatches